All Out - salvar vidas es tan fácil como firmar una petición para crear presión
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All Out - salvar vidas es tan fácil como firmar una petición para crear presión

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Antiguo 17-ago-2013, 14:03
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Favorites All Out - salvar vidas es tan fácil como firmar una petición para crear presión

¡Hola a [email protected]!
Soy miembro de una ONG que lucha por la igualdad de las personas independientemente de a quién estas elijan amar, y periódicamente me envían mails para, mediante la presión de todos los miembros a través de la recogida de firmas, obligar a organizaciones, gobiernos, etc, etc, a cambiar medidas discriminatorias.
Se me ha ocurrido que, si las voy publicando aquí, a lo mejor consigo más firmas para evitar estas injusticias.
Empiezo con el último mail recibido, y gracias a [email protected] por leer y firmar, porque hay que evitar que se trate a otra persona de forma diferente por no ser heterosexual. Lo importante es que dos personas se amen, independientemente de su sexo.
(Si alguien no lo entiende en inglés se lo explico o le publico el trocito que se puede cambiar de idioma en español)

Australia is sending all asylum seekers who arrive by boat to Papua New Guinea. Any person suspected of being gay could be immediately deported – even if they were fleeing anti-gay laws!

Tell Australia to protect LGBT asylum seekers NOW!

Dear Myriam,

The Prime Minister of Australia has just guaranteed that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) refugees, who arrive by boat, will be sent to Papua New Guinea – where being gay could get you 14 years in jail.

Australia is weeks away from an election. So far, the country has been able to sneak this policy in without the world taking notice. If the international community speaks out, we could force the leaders of the government and opposition to back down or risk Australia’s international reputation.

Will you join the call for Australia to drop its dangerous new policy that denies hope and safety to those who they need it most?

Australia is one of the few countries in the region that accepts LGBT people. It has always been a safe haven for refugees fleeing persecution. Every LGBT person who arrives by boat will have little choice but to lie about who they are to avoid being sent home.

Australians are proud of their reputation as the 'lucky country' – a country of progress. With their reputation under attack, Australia's leaders could be pushed to stop violating the Geneva Conventions and protect the most vulnerable. Sign this petition and tell Australia that you won't stand for this:
The full policy states that all people arriving by boat to seek asylum will be relocated to Papua New Guinea where their refugee claims will be assessed, and only then allowed to settle. Legal experts have already denounced the plan for breaching international law. It is singling out people on boats for taking the last resort available to them.

Hiding on a leaky boat, crossing some of the world's most dangerous oceans, is the most difficult way to reach such an isolated country. No one would take such a risky boat journey if their very lives weren't on the line.

Will you sign the petition against the Australian government's plan to force people back into danger?

This week, the number of All Out members around the world passed 1.8 million! We've all come a long way in just two years. We're building a truly global movement for love and equality.
And we've done some amazing things together. Fighting back against anti-gay laws in Russia, challenging Google to help stop gay cures, and raising thousands of dollars to help people escape anti-gay militias in Iraq.

Now we have a chance to take a stand for people whose only desperate hope is to make Australia home:

Thanks for going All Out,

Andre, Hayley, Jeremy, Marie, Marie-Marguerite, Sara, and the rest of the All Out team.


UN refugee agency raises more concerns over Labor's PNG solution – The Guardian, 26 July 2013
UN refugee agency raises more concerns over Labor's 'PNG solution' | World news |

Will LGBTI asylum seekers be at risk in Papua New Guinea? – Amnesty International, 5 August
Refugees' Human Rights - Amnesty International Australia

You've been misled on boat people: here are the facts – Sydney Morning Herald, 18 July
Federal Politics -

Coalition wants military led campaign against people smugglers – ABC, 25 July 2013

How to break the people smugglers real business model – Inside Story, 25 July 2013
How to break the people smugglers? real business model | Inside Story

More than a legal issue, PNG plan challenges core principles – Sydney Morning Herald, 23 July 2013
More Than A Legal Issue Png Plan Challenges Core Principles - Comment -

Australia's asylum debate viewed from Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp – The Guardian, 7 August
Australia's asylum debate viewed from Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp | Rafiq Copeland | Comment is free |

All Out is mobilizing millions of people to build a world where no person will have to sacrifice their family or freedom, safety or dignity, because of who they are or who they love.

This is a campaign of Purpose Action, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.

Our mailing address is:
Purpose Action
115 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003

Copyright © 2013, All rights reserved.

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